Cornell's Used Auto Parts LLC

Greenfield Center, NY Automotive Parts

Looking for warrantied car parts? Stop by Cornell's Used Auto Parts!

Cornell's Used Auto Parts is a family owned and operated business located just outside of Saratoga Springs, New York in Greenfield Center. Casey Cornell is the second-generation owner taking after his father, Duane Cornell. We specialize in automotive salvage and towing services. 1200-1500 cars are currently in our inventory along with approximately 80,000 parts of all makes and models on site!

Our History

Duane Cornell started his own auto-mechanic shop in 1972 in Greenfield, NY after working many years at a local garage with Vin Smero. Duane used the bottom of a family-owned barn to house his auto services. In 1979 after the shop had flourished, Duane upgraded his residence to an automotive building down the road called Cornell's Garage & Towing, which is still in operation to this day. Duane's continued success allowed him to hire a full-staff, some of whom are still working at the garage today!

Duane Cornell added a Body Shop to the business in the 1980s, which is still in full operation. Over the years, Duane renovated and updated the building. In 2000, Duane was able to add another adjacent building to his business known as Cornell's Used Auto Parts. From 1972-2003 Duane was owner and overseer of Cornell's Used Auto Parts until he became ill. Casey Cornell, his son, took over and has since made many improvements with the integrity of his father's hard work and legacy.